Accommodation Tanzania

Accommodation Options

Where to Stay

Depending on your safari style we will recommend the best accommodation option for you, from family friendly lodges to five-star hotels, a simple bush camp to an luxurious canvas cottage with personal plunge pool.


Lodges can be found inside and outside of the national parks and provide the guest with a large range of budget options. There are usually a wide range of facilities on offer such as Wi-Fi, hair dryers, electric shavers, swimming pools and much more. Many of the higher end lodges also offer a spa facility.

Seasonal Camps

These camps are set up in prime areas to get the best experience of animal migrations at different times of the year. They are located inside the parks and offer a wide range of budget options. Seasonal camps are the best way to spend time inside nature, experiencing the wildlife close and personal.

Permanent Camps

Unlike seasonal camps, permanent camps do not move according to the season. This is a great way to enjoy your safari, with a range of budget options as well as some luxury tented camps. Amenities tend to be better than with seasonal camps, but still offer personal experience.

Private Camps

Private camps are set up exclusively for you and offer an incredibly personal experience for families or groups. They are located according to your requirements and have the best viewing opportunities and offer private meals and great flexibility.

Private Ranch

Private ranches are usually situated outside of the parks and offer unique high-end experiences safari walks and night drives. They're off the beaten track, so you're away from the peak tourist areas. Private ranches are a great way to extend your safari and enjoy some more privacy and relaxation.

Coastal Retreat

Zanzibar offers a wide range of options, from more private and romantic boutiques to luxurious resorts. They cater for a variety of activities, including diving, snorkeling and boat trips along the coast.