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Safari Options


From jumping on the local bus that drives across national parks and staying in local guest houses, to flying from one lodge to another staying in luxury private properties, there are unlimited ways to enjoy Tanzania.  Read up on what safari style best suits your expectations and budget.


USD 350 - 550 per person, per day
Amazing Tanzania does not recommend budget safaris for our clients. The budget market is highly competitive and therefore these safaris tend to be about price and not experience. At Amazing Tanzania, we pride ourselves in building enjoyable bespoke experiences for all guests. We can, however, for those on a tighter budget recommend suitable itineraries/accommodation.


USD 600 - 800 per person, per day
With a mid-range budget, you can relax and enjoy a great safari. You will travel in well-maintained vehicles, with all park fees and associated costs covered. Your trip will include luxury and spacious accommodation, along with fantastic food and emergency backup and medical care.


USD 850+ per person, per day
Our high-end safaris are the ultimate way to experience Tanzania. You stay at boutique lodges that include spas and gourmet meals and have the option of using our exclusive luxury camps. Everything is taken care of for your trip - all you need to do is relax and enjoy the incredible experience.

Tanzania has an incredibly variety of experiences to offer.  Depending on when you are planning your safari, we will make sure you experience areas that are in their prime during the time of year you choose to visit. The chart below gives you an idea of which areas we would recommend at different times of the year:

Before You Go

Amazing Tanzania will do our utmost to ensure that you have all the information’s needed, to enable you to enjoy your stay to the full, we have set out a few suggestions and comments below that we hope will help you to prepare for your holiday.

A valid passport is required to enter Tanzania. It should be valid for at least six months from your expected entry date. If it is not, you must have another passport issued.

Check with the nearest Tanzanian Consulate, Embassy or High Commission to see if a visa is required for your nationality. If so, please apply for your visa before you travel to Tanzania. You should allow plenty of time for processing before your departure.

It is a condition of Amazing Tanzania that all participants be fully insured with trip cancellation, medical and evacuation insurance as a condition of travel. Please see your travel professional or research the internet for providers of this type of insurance. Trip cancellation insurance is essential in the event you are unable to travel due to illness. Most policies also provide for cancellation in the event of illness of a family member.

Please consult your doctor or Health Travel Advisory Service to get up to date advice on vaccination and malaria prophylaxis. You should travel with your own personal first aid kit including any over the counter or prescription medications that you regularly use or may need. Eyeglass wearers should bring an extra pair and contact lens wearers should bring glasses as well. There is a lot of dust and glare on safari that can affect sensitive eyes. A good pair of sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen are also essential, as is a broad-brimmed hat.

Commonly recommended vaccinations:

  • Yellow Fever
  • COVID Vaccine
  • Please allow plenty of time to obtain the necessary immunizations.

Malaria is a serious tropical disease that affects millions of people each year. Most areas in Tanzania are within a malarial zone, notably the coastal areas and lower elevations; and there are strains of malaria present that can be resistant to certain anti-malaria drugs. It is recommended that you take anti-malarial tablets before, during and after your stay in Tanzania. Please contact your doctor or International health clinic to get the best advice on which anti-malaria to take.

US dollars are preferred and almost anything in Tanzania can be purchased with US currency. Bring plenty of small notes for tips and incidentals but fifties and hundreds get a better rate of exchange.  Please make sure all notes are more recent than 2006, as many establishments and banks do not accept notes older than 2006.

Credit cards (visa or master card) are accepted in Tanzania. There are often additional charges and high rates of exchange associated with their use.

Although tipping is optional and totally up to your personal discretion, it is a safari tradition. Our staff are well paid, but they do appreciate the reward for excellent service.

Typically, we recommend US$ 5 – 10 per client per day for the camp crew.

Safari guides typically receive between US$ 20-100 per day from the group, depending on the level of satisfaction.

If there is a lodge stay included in your safari you may want to consult the lodge for the tipping guidelines. Many lodges have a staff tip box. As a rule, about $5 per guest per day is perfectly acceptable.

Minor tips e.g. Bag carriers, waiters, barmen, $1 is perfectly acceptable.